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Where Do Ideas Come From?

Part of the being a “Creative”, you’ve always been told that coming up with ideas is one of the most important skills to have in the profession. There’s no disputing the fact that ideas are THE MOST important part of the job, but most people find the process of brainstorming for ideas a real problem.

We have all been there; scribbling ideas down only to scrub them out, procrastinating by making coffee, growing impatient with our inability to engage with our brains. And as you feel hopeless and devastated here they come! At night…just before you fall asleep it pops into your head; the idea you have been waiting all day for.

Most people form their ideas as they fall asleep but is this just coincidence? The answer is NO! Our brain relaxes and gets ready for the subconscious to take over, and you become more open and more likely to get a resolution to your problem.

So keep an open mind, relax and always note things as the pop in your brain. Ideas can come from everywhere and at any time.
Look around you. We are living in an age where the sharing of information has been an endemic. You can pick up ideas from bloggers, scout the internet’s social media sites, magazines or films. For me, ideas come fairly naturally. When I talk to people or gossip with friends or walk down the street and look at shop windows; ideas make their way to the forefront of my mind.

But ideas on their own are pretty worthless if you don’t turn them into something which works for your business. What’s the point in having ideas if you don’t do anything with them?
You have to put the thoughts into action. Llike that old saying, ‘You talk the talk but do you walk the walk?’