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Emotional Connections – The Louis Vuitton story

Fashion labels and brands constantly fight to crab attention from the ever so populated market with innovative marketing campaigns, imaginative advertising and PR promotions. But how do you know when you have gain your fair share in the market and grab the imagination and attention of your customers?

On a recent post at Lovemarks, you can read how Louis Vuitton did succeed to become more then just a brand name. Connecting emotionally and  psychologically with millions of people.

  • Louis Vuitton is not a brand…it’s a lifestyle
  • You feel special carrying a piece of Louis Vuitton.
  • You feel like losing all your money means nothing because you have already lost your consciousness when you are in a genuine LV store.
  • It is a symbol of prestige and is a fashion house that fuses art and commerce.
  • For me Louis Vuitton means “I have made it”.
  • There is just something about the mark of Vuitton that ignites some sort of passion in me to live the loveliest life I can

For more you can visit lovemarks and read all the insightful comments that people wrote about owing a piece of Louis Vuitton.